Legal Management – Fighting the Forces of Nature

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A crisis management plan to keep your firm running: best practices and new technology considerations


When a storm or other natural disaster strikes, your firm may not be able to shut down for weeks. In fact, due to upcoming court dates or other client needs, you may need to get operations up and running almost immediately — even if your office is without power, cell service is down and key staff members can’t return to their homes.

“The first thing clients typically ask you is, ‘How is everything? How are your employees?” said Ernest DelBuono, Senior Vice President and Crisis Practice Chair at communications and consulting firm LEVICK and a former Coast Guard commander. “If you’re dry and have power, the expectation is that you’re going to be able to answer their questions and keep on working.” Particularly in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, law firms now more than ever need to be prepared for when disaster strikes. The key is having a plan in place that protects property and data — and outlines how your firm will handle operations after a disaster.

via Legal Management – Fighting the Forces of Nature.

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