How to Market Your Professional Services

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How to Market Your Professional Services

By Ron Stein | 3/25/2013

Selling services is much more difficult than selling products. Marketing something that’s intangible is just a tough sell and you’ve got to work harder than businesses that offer things you can see and touch.

For a business that provides services, the only thing potential clients see is a commodity that’s the same no matter who they do business with. Right?

Nonsense! If you’re a professional services provider — lawyer, insurance broker, IT consultant, financial advisor, accountant, realtor — or have a product and offer add-on maintenance agreements, don’t believe it.

I think someone who believed the myth that selling the value of your service is somehow unprofessional started that rumor. Once again, that’s rubbish.

via Ron Stein column: How to market your professional services – Florida Trend.

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