InPractice is devoted to sharing information and news about how to effectively manage, facilitate and market professional service firms — in particular, law firms. While it’s important for lawyers to be good at the practice of law, they also need to be aware of the need to keep their law office fiscally healthy and ready to succeed in the future.

That’s why InPractice explores issues such as using social media to burnish a firm’s reputation, engage prospective clients, and build a following of people who recognize, and will reward, the knowledge base being shared. It looks at management issues, including benchmarking performance and setting appropriate compensation structures. It explores changes in legal research, and new technologies that streamline work, increase productivity and add to the bottom line.

InPractice is produced by Agility Resources Group, a Newington-based company that provides organizations with creative initiatives to reach their business objectives, with the cooperation of numerous bar and legal professional organizations.

If you have ideas or suggestions for InPractice, please don’t hesitate to share them. You may email them to Vincent Valvo (vvalvo@agilityresourcesgroup.com),  or call (860) 922-3441.
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